About Us

DMS Education

Established in 2017, DMS Education provides professional consultancy and enrolment services for students who want to further their studies overseas. We are located at the city of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Our services include personalized further studies consultation that follow your needs and goals, application for universities’ and colleges’ admission, assistance for credit transfer, application for student visa. arrangement for student’s accommodation, arrangement for air ticket booking and airport pick up, registration center for IELTS examination and much more.

For every service we provide, we stick to our motto: “Find The Right Path With Us”.

We will help you till you get there!

Our Team

Daniel Chin

Daniel has been working in the education service industry for almost 12 years, and he is still passionate about his job.

In his early career days, he worked with an institution based in Singapore for 5 years, where he single-handedly managed the market of East Malaysia. He then joined an education agency for 4 years.

In 2017, he took his career to another level by establishing his own education agency – DMS. He continues to provide service and consultation to students with pride. If you see him at the education fair, don’t be intimidated by his size! Talk to him. He is very friendly.

Cassandra Chin

When one door closes, another opens. Cassandra had always been interested in Medicine, but her results were not good enough to get her into local university to study medicine. Her options were either to pursue it overseas or switch to another subject to study in local university. She chose the latter, and she chose Mathematics- “Hey, Math is fun!” She discovered that Maths can be used in any industry and it stimulates the thinking process. As a Mathematics postgraduate, Cassandra currently works as credit risk model validator. Whenever available, she helps her brother with his business-DMS. Never be afraid when one door closes. Ask yourself what do you want to do, and what can you do. There’s nothing wrong whether you want to continue the existing path, or decide to switch to another path. Never give up and you will get there.